Chapter 32

What Does Mike Do?

How has the writer of this book organized his life so that person that he is can continue to THRIVE and GROW.

My own personal strategies are based on the science described in (and annotated as references for) the preceding chapters of this book. I offer no further references because this chapter is purely autobiographical.

On my daily walks, I use several strategies to assure my ongoing engagement by my surroundings. For example, I try to monitor my ‘spirit level’ in my mind, sustaining it ‘by will’ at a lively level. I carry my smartphone and record at least one event each day to document things of interest to me in my neighborhood. This helps me stay alert so I do not miss much that is happening out there in my world. I’m collecting those images to create annual montages that record my special part of my city environment. The subjects of those montages: 1) its most interesting architecture; 2) beauty; 3) humor, and odes to joy; 4) things that typify my neighborhood; 5) landscapes; and 6) curiosities and surprises. [I am careful not to take pictures when doing so might offend anyone out there in my world.] At some point in 2014, I’ll post some of these montages in these notes on the web.