Chapter 7

The Power of Plasticity for Transforming Lives
It’s all about YOUR brain and YOUR future

  1. John Corcoran tells the story about his reading failure as a child, and about his learning to read as an adult, in his biographical account The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read.
  2. For a wonderful elucidation of the personal and societal costs of reading failure, I again highly recommend a great information resource created by the science journalist David Boulton.
  3. For a quick, highly readable version on Joseph Conrad’s history, see For the real goods, see Joseph Conrad, A Life, by Zdzislaw Naider.
  4. Alex is among many individuals who have generously provided information about their very personal injury and clinical histories and therapeutic struggles and successes because they have been aided by using one of the suites of training programs developed by one of the companies that I co-founded (the programs he used can be accessed at BrainHQ), and are inspired to try to guide others to use them to address their similar problems. The illustration was very kindly sent to me by this wonderful young man. It is shown here, with his permission.
  5. Nancy was a much-admired friend of our family.
  6. No one to my knowledge has told the story of Chester Arthur’s ascendance in a more readable way than Candice Millard (Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President).